Malaysian government finally reveals why 'Thor: Love and Thunder' was banned

Malaysia’s Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Zahidi Zainul Abidin has finally revealed why Marvel’s latest film, Thor: Love and Thunder, is not showing in Malaysian cinemas.
“Lately, there was a movie that failed to pass our censorship (board), and that was the latest Thor movie,” the minister said.
“(It was banned) because it mentioned LGBT, we see right now there are many films with LGBT elements that slip past the censorship.”

Zahidi told a question-and-answer session with the Congressional Council of State on August 10. Previously, there was no clear reason why Marvel films were banned in Malaysia.
The minister went on to say that LGBT elements in films are taking a more subtle form. He cites a film from his youth in which Alexander the Great appears in a scene with his confidant. The two returned from an unknown place with exhausted faces, suggesting that the two had had intimate contact.
“That’s how they promote LGBT. Now there are many films on television, that passed (censorship), are full of LGBT elements,” said Zahidi.
Zahidi also said that the government has been monitoring films and social media platforms for LGBT propaganda and “would take serious action against people found supporting such aspects”.
However, the minister also acknowledged that, besides movie theatres and broadcast television, the government has no jurisdiction over streaming services headquartered outside the country, such as TikTok and Netflix.